Address Stalled MDM Commands


It is possible that device MDM communication can become stalled for macOS, iOS, and Apple TV due to an issue that Apple is working on that impacts all MDM vendors as recently as anything pre-iOS/iPadOS 17.1 and pre-macOS Sonoma 14.1. This can impact all MDM communication, including Reported Issues with macOS Software Updates. If you are experiencing these issues we strongly encourage you to open a ticket with FileWave Customer Technical Support and open an Apple Enterprise support case. If you can share the Apple Enterprise ticket number with FileWave support then we can link the Apple ticket with the FileWave ticket.

When this occurs, the Command History will appear similar to the below image. Commands sent to the ‘User’ channel (in this example the user is sholden) are acknowledged, however commands sent to the System channel (those that have no user name shown) remain ‘not sent’. The reason behind this is related to the MDM Software Update processes stalling on the device.

DeviceInformation Example

For example the DeviceInformation command has been acknowledged for the User, but not for the System. In the example, the commands for the System channel were acknowledged over 2 days prior than the acknowledged User channel commands.

InstalledApplicationList Example

The InstalledApplicationList is seen below in this stuck state. You will see that on a device that things will not progress and it will simply hang on this command. We have seen from several customers however that iOS and iPadOS 17.1 do appear to fix this behavior. This is reflected in this note from Apple: What’s new for enterprise in iOS 17 - Apple Support and you should investigate if you can get to that version. macOS Sonoma 14.1 also appears to have MDM updates to it as the release notes mention "MDM fails to install enterprise apps after installing a VPP app" for macOS 14.1. 


Workaround for macOS

The following recipe provides a method to built out a setup for monitoring devices that are in stalled state and addressing this with a given Fileset. Note that this workaround can only work for macOS and not iOS, iPadOS or tvOS because you can not run scripts on those other platforms. Rebooting the device is many times the solution for those OS, but updating to the latest release of iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS should resolve this as long as they are capable of getting to 17.1. 

Devices experiencing this state occurs at unknown times. A device that is addressed is likely to experience the same issue after being addresses at an unknown duration of time after. The below process is designed to automatically identify devices when this occurs and as such devices experiencing the issue more than once should still be addressed, on each subsequent experience.


Custom Fields:

MDM Custom

Server script:


FWPS - Kickstart Software


Creation of Custom Fields

  1. Open the Admin console and use the drop down menu ‘Assistants' to select: Custom Fields > Edit Custom Fields
  2. Use the Import button to import the two provided Custom Fields

The Custom Fields should already be configured as:

Server Side Script

  1. Copy the provided Script to the FileWave Server
  2. Edit the top of the script, providing the FileWave Administrator Authorisation Token and Server URL values

# Source file providing API token and server address

Example values: