Apple School & Business Manager

Apple School Manager (ASM) is a web-based portal for educational institutions to manage Apple devices, apps, and user accounts. It simplifies device deployment and content distribution for schools.

Apple Business Manager (ABM) is a web portal for businesses and organizations to manage Apple devices and services. It streamlines device procurement, deployment, and management, enhancing productivity and security.

Apple VPP/ADE Volume Content Terms

What are Apple's new terms?

Apple periodically updates the Volume Content Terms on Apple Business Manager. Upon the release of an updated version, your organization will be unable to enroll devices or deploy new apps until an Administrator signs into Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager and accepts the new agreement. This will also trigger an error on the FileWave Central Dashboard, and synchronization with Apple will fail until the issue is resolved.

Beginning with the July 27, 2023 changes, Administrators are granted the ability to accept the Volume Content Terms on behalf of the entire organization. This change means that Content Managers and Administrators will no longer need to individually accept these terms once an Administrator has done so for the organization.

The update also introduces clearer language regarding the redemption of unused Volume Content balances. Bear in mind that while the updated Volume Content Terms as of July 27, 2023, can serve as an example, changes to the VPP (Volume Purchase Program) and ADE (Apple Device Enrollment) terms occur several times a year. These changes can potentially cause disruptions, for example, if FileWave is unable to sync with Apple due to unanticipated terms changes.

Apple helps organizations stay updated by sending an email about a week prior to the implementation of new terms and conditions. However, these notifications can sometimes be overlooked or end up in the inbox of an unavailable person. To prevent disruptions to ADE and VPP operations, it is critical to promptly accept these terms when they are updated.

In summary, this update facilitates smoother operations within the organization, allowing Administrators to accept terms on behalf of all users and providing more transparent language concerning unused Volume Content balances. Keep a close eye on emails from Apple notifying you of upcoming changes to avoid potential disruptions.

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Apple Configurator 2 Enrollment

The following steps will assist you in the enrollment process for iOS devices with Apple Configurator 2 into FileWave.

This guide assumes you've already set up DEP in FileWave and that your devices are assigned to a MDM server within Apple School/Business Manager. If not, please review the KB article to add devices to Apple School/Business Manager.


Before starting be sure you have:

Network Considerations

Clients and the FileWave server need to be able to connect to each other and to Apple with the following ports:

DEP AC2 Enrollment





  1. After you type in your credentials, hit Prepare, which will start the configuration. If you've already prepared the device, you'll be prompted to hit Restore or Stop. You must hit Restore to allow AC2 to finish the process as follows:
    1. Downloading iOS
    2. Unzipping iOS
    3. Installing iOS
    4. Downloading activation record for the iPad
    5. Activating iOS on the iPad
    6. Downloading and applying cloud configuration
    7. Awaiting final MDM configuration
  2. The iOS device will prompt you to "Slide to continue" at the Hello screen. Next, go through the setup options (such as Location Services) that you previously set up to enable or skip in the DEP profile in FileWave. Completing these steps will land you on the home screen of the iOS device, where you'll see the FileWave App Portal.
  3. If you don't have auto-enrollment set up in FileWave (located in the Checked-in Clients section), go into the Admin to bring the device into the system.

Congratulations! You have now enrolled a DEP iOS device with Apple Configurator 2 into FileWave!

Non-DEP AC2 Enrollment