Bulk Update the Enrollment User (auth_username) using API


This problem and solution came from a customer who had many devices in FileWave, yet did not have the 'Enrollment User' (internally known as auth_username) populated. In order for automatic associations of iPads with Apple Classroom, devices must have an enrolment user set. While it’s possible to set these one by one, that does not scale well. Even hosted customers could benefit from this example.


The below solution leverages the FileWave Anywhere API (v2) and is a great example that any customer could build. You can run this script from your mac, Windows, or Linux computer, and it will talk to the API and make the changes in bulk.

This example happens to be a Python script.  As such, if ran on the FileWave Server, Python will already be installed.  However, for hosted customers, the script will not be ran on the server and it should be necessary to have Python installed on the device running this script




Device ID,Enrollment Username

An Inventory query could be used to obtain the list of Device IDs.  Note, the script is only expecting two columns in the order of Device ID and Enrollment Username.

It may assists to initially export additional columns to assist with device identification, but after adding the usernames, be sure to remove any of these additional columns in the CSV file.