FileWave Boosters Improved Server Message Routing (15.3+)


FileWave 11 introduced Booster Routing, a feature that allows off-loading direct traffic to the server by routing messages via Booster. This feature provides additional security if you only allow boosters to connect to your server and have all your devices only reach boosters. With FileWave 15.0, the internal notification system has switched entirely to NATS, replacing ZMQ; NATS, in addition to built-in security features and improved performances, brings much more flexibility and can then be used in more areas.


FileWave 15.3 can now use NATS as the communication protocol for all maintenance messages between client and server. Fileset delivery still uses the classic protocol, but messages like Fileset status or check-in now use the lightweight and fast delivery mechanism offered by NATS.


Please review the Boosters documentation. If you manage Windows or macOS systems, you most likely need one or more Boosters. For Hosted customers, you are required to have Boosters to minimize the data traffic from your Hosted FileWave Server. You'll want to ensure that "Route server messages via boosters." is enabled in your Superprefs or Custom FileWave Client.


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