Chrome Troubleshooting Guide

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Having issues with Chrome OS devices communicating with FileWave Admin.


Verify Chrome extension is installed in the policy

Verify FileWave extension has registered with FCM/GCM by looking at the log

Devices are not showing at all in FileWave

  1. In the native client open Preferences > Google as shown

  2. Is the status icon not green? Anything other than green would indicate an issue

  3. If you have a large number of ChromeOS devices it is possible that the server is timing out when trying to sync with Google. This can be especially true on the first sync

  4. A solution is to edit this file on the FileWave server: 


  5. Look for a section in the file like this:

        # chrome app
        WSGIDaemonProcess chrome display-name=filewave-chrome processes=1 threads=2 python-eggs=/usr/local/filewave/apache/.python-eggs shutdown-timeout=5 deadlock-timeout=300 inactivity-timeout=3600 request-timeout=3600 socket-timeout=3600
  6. Change the timeout values so that deadlock-timeout=600 but otherwise the values above should match your server. If any values are lower in your config you should make them at least match the above listed values

  7. Restart everything with;

    fwcontrol server restart
  8. If the issue was a timeout then the sync should now complete. For about 50,000 devices the sync can take 10+ minutes to complete on first sync.


Devices are not showing Geolocation information in FileWave

If devices are showing in FileWave, but Geolocation details are not showing up, and possibly the FileWave Inventory Extension icon is not showing even if you set it to Force Install + Pin then you very likely enabled Geolocation as well as the Extension for an OU that only includes the Device, but not the User who is logging in. You must ensure that both OUs are enabled or put the User and Device in the same OU for testing. This should not be an issue if you have set Geolocation and the Inventory Extension enabled for your entire domain, but frequently when someone is evaluating FileWave they might enable it for only one OU for testing. If you do that then make sure that the User and Device are in that same testing OU.


View the device policy

  1. Open a Google Chrome window
  2. Browse to the URL: chrome://policy
  3. Scroll down to ExtensionInstallForcelist and select show more
  4. Look for the ID of the FileWave Inventory Extension ( ldhgnmkjehdokljjhcpkbhcmhoficdio  Figure 1.1 )
  5. If you see it there, scroll to the very bottom
  6. There will be a whole section for the FileWave Inventory Extension
  7. Verify all the policy fields are there ( Figure 1.2 )