FileWave Community Edition


The FileWave Community Edition is your exclusive ticket to the FileWave Management Suite, absolutely free for up to 15 mobile, desktop, or tablet devices.

Designed for individuals and small-scale organizations, the FileWave Community Edition ensures that your device management remains simplified yet efficient.

✔ Manage up to 15 devices each for mobile, desktop, and Chrome.
✔ Multi-platform support for iOS, macOS, Windows, Android & ChromeOS.
✔ Access to Discord community, FileWave Forum, Knowledge Base, and Foundry video courses.
✔ Easy maintenance with compliance to data regulations, along with detailed reports on device usage and security status.

So, if you are looking to run a personal instance of FileWave or maybe are a very small organization with a small number of devices then this may be for you. You simply need to be able to run your own Debian or macOS system to act as a server. If you are new to running virtual servers, then check out Linode: There you can run a server for about 2 months for free with the initial credit they give.

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⚠️ Please note that TeamViewer is not included in Community Edition, and there is no official Technical Support beyond the community support in Discord and the Forums. If you ever want to switch from Community Edition to Professional just reach out to Customer Experience for a license quote.

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