Content Packs

The Content Packs category is a suite of tailored solutions aimed at ensuring and reporting on the adherence to various security and compliance standards within your environment. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring and reporting on security configurations, software compliance, and other critical things. Utilizing these Content Packs, organizations can seamlessly align with industry best practices, regulatory requirements, and internal security policies.

How to Import a Content Pack


Content Packs are a great add-on for FileWave to give you fully pre-built solutions that you can use right out of the box.


Whenever we want to make use of a content pack to give us a helping hand, we'll need to import the content into our FileWave system.


We have an import tool we have developed specially just to make this process simple for you.  Check out the short video below that walks you through the import process:


Starter Packs

Starter Packs are for getting started with FileWave. They include things like examples of group structure for devices. They are meant to be used when first getting started with FileWave to give you a starting point.

Starter Packs

US K-12 Starter Pack


Starter packs are what the name implies...a great way to jump-start your new FileWave installation!  Starter packs are built for selected customer verticals and provide client group structure as well as sample reports and dashboards.

Note: Starter packs are NOT meant to be used with long-standing FileWave environments...they are meant for brand-new, or recently setup environments that have little current organization.

The examples will really help you jump-start your understanding and capabilities of FileWave!  You can use them the way they are as well as further tailor them to your needs!  After you get your start with this starter pack, check out our library of other content packs for adding other spectacular stuff!

What You Get in this Starter Pack

This content pack provides:

Custom Fields:

"Custom Fields" are a terrific way to extend the "inventory attributes" of your devices.  In this starter pack we have provided example custom fields that we think will be valuable to you:

Groups & Smartgroups:

Groups and Smartgroups are a tool for organizing your devices.  They can be used in infinite combinations, and you can think of them a little like folders for files, except in this case "files" are computers.  In this pack we have provided the following default structure, which is meant to be updated with at least your school names:


Reports (aka Inventory Queries):

Reports are ways of looking at data about your devices...that data being hardware, software, and custom field inventory.  Reports are a great way to show data (example: show me all macOS devices running Ventura).  And reports are used as well to feed data to our included visual dashboard(s) (grafana).  In this starter pack we have included the following reports.



Dashboards are an incredibly powerful tool for showing aggregated data.  They are easy to setup, and allow you to do things like track software distributions (etc) in simple-to-read visualizations, like bar and pie charts.  Take our word for it: your senior management is going to love these, and it is a way for you to show off all of your great work!  This pack provides:


Starter Pack



  1. Download the above attached starter pack and unzip it

  2. Run the import_starter_pack.exe tool, using appropriate credentials for your environment
    1. import tool is only available on Windows devices currently
  3. Once completed, verify the new content in your system (and import dashboards, if applicable)

Sample Screenshots