Custom Grafana Dashboard - YML Files not being processed


You may notice that your Grafana dashboard won’t process data from YML files. This can happen if the API key is regenerated for FileWave, but the file that Grafana uses is not updated. As recently as FileWave 14.9.0, this can be an issue with an easy solution outlined below. Development is looking at possibly always overwriting this file at server startup which would eliminate this problem from appearing, and it should only appear as an issue if the API key for the server is regenerated, causing it to not match. For most customers, this is not likely to be an issue.


When you 3.1.2 Testing the Prometheus Scrape as you set up a custom Dashboard with a YML file, you may see that the files show “DOWN,” as seen below. This is a sign that you are experiencing this issue. You’ll also see no data on your widgets in the Dashboard.

grafana broken.png


To fix this issue, SSH to your server and remove the file, as shown below. the bearer_token_file has the wrong API key, and if you restart FileWave after deleting it, then a new correct one will be regenerated. If you are a hosted customer, then you will need support to remove this file for you, and very likely, they helped you upload the YML file, to begin with.

rm /usr/local/etc/filewave/prometheus/conf.d/bearer_token_file
/usr/local/bin/fwcontrol server restart