FileWave Release History

FileWave issues major releases on a roughly quarterly basis.  You'll find the history of features in previous releases shown below.

FileWave 15.4.x (June 2024)

FileWave Version 15.4.0 details.

FileWave 15.3.x (April 2024)

FileWave Version 15.3.1 details.

FileWave 15.2.x (November 2023)

FileWave Version 15.2.1 details.

FileWave 15.1.x (September 2023)

FileWave 15.1.1 details.

FileWave 15.0.x (June 2023)

FileWave Version 15.0.1 details.

FileWave 14.10.x (March 2023)

FileWave 14.10.x (March 2023) Release Notes

14.10.2 is a security and bug fix release:

  • Apache upgraded to 2.4.56
  • Fixed Issues related to Model Update
  • Fixed issues related to Wallpaper Overlay

FileWave Suite

  • Deployments in FileWave Central: 
    • Deployments are now visible in Native Admin Console. Deployments are mostly read-only in this release: it is possible to delete deployments, but not to edit existing ones or create new deployments.


  • Force reboot:
    • There is a new option for reboot for a Fileset to forcibly restart the client 2 minutes after the Fileset has been installed. This should be used only when required because open documents may not be saved.


  • Help Menus:
    • In Anywhere and Central, the Help menus now include links to the KB, Foundry, Discord, and Alliance Forums.
  • Quality/Stability:
    • A great deal of extra effort was placed this go-round on correcting some long standing bugs and defects that we hadn't been able to get to prior.