FileWave Version 14.7.0 (Unsupported)

These downloads are provided for the purposes of migrations and should not continue to be used in production. You should upgrade to either the most recent release or the one prior. They can always be found here: Supported FileWave Versions

FileWave Management Suite

Your existing FileWave Server must be version 13.3.1 or higher before you can upgrade to FileWave 14.7.0.  Minimum memory requirement for FileWave 14+ is 8GB.






Mobile Clients

Compatibility Chart


About "Compatibility"

A note on the Compatibility charts:  There are several states of compatibility for FileWave clients:  

Legacy Version Compatibility Chart


FileWave Official Version Support

FileWave development teams officially support two major versions at any time, N and N-1. For example, If we assume that the most recent version of FileWave is 14.6.x, then we will officially support versions 14.6.x and 14.5.x. Releases for major versions of FileWave occur roughly every quarter.

What does "officially support" mean? Officially supporting these versions means that we will investigate bug reports in these versions and patch issues that are significant in nature. We will not produce patches for earlier versions than N-1, as this means allocating development resources to problems that are already potentially resolved instead of investing those resources into furthering the product. In short, if an issue is found in a version earlier than the officially supported versions, then remediation for the issue will be in the form of an application upgrade, or a patch to that more recent version.

This does not mean that you can't contact our support teams about an earlier version. They will, to the best of their ability, help you with older versions of the software but they will stop short of escalating tickets to our development teams and will likely recommend an upgrade so that you are getting the latest features and bug fixes.

New Features

FileWave Management Suite

Software Update improvements

Web Console


Remote control


VPP protocol improvement

macOS management



Policy Changes

Deprecated Features

The following features are deprecated in FileWave 14.7.0 and will be removed in a future version:

Additional Information

Included Open Source Software

Click here for an extensive list of Open Source Software included in the FileWave products.

Changes and Fixes in 14.7.0

Location Tracking

The location reporting feature in FileWave is disabled by default.
It is recommended that you verify that this feature is in accordance with your organization’s policies and AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). Notify your end users before activating location reporting, as enabling the feature will prompt for permission to location information.
Read more... The Location Tracking KB (

Upgrading Your FileWave Server

 Please make sure you have a recent backup before upgrading your server.


Included in the Bundled Installer:

macOS Downloads

macOS Installers DMG (md5: bf5550233d9e71ab89a1f75f6d00b8e0)

macOS Upgrade Fileset (md5: af4241b636c74508e204923906791339)

[macOS Admin]( Admin.pkg) (md5: 72151f0691f2da54f795a04e084167d4)

[macOS Booster]( Booster.pkg) (md5: 4c9999c8e5ed85c4666e396f58a33c2f)

[macOS Server]( Server.pkg) (md5: d3c0449dc2fa4a441cd51d55d025e144)

[macOS Client]( Client.pkg) (md5: 4fce238a5a40d6c3377c292ef11230c9)

Windows Downloads

Windows Upgrade Fileset (md5: 0125a5aaf185bb1e27f1df76a8127e18)

Windows Admin (md5: b2206bd1d9d873b0c9b94f422e339a70)

Windows Booster (md5: 284fabdb855443239cbfae7c4cc4ed94)

Windows Client (md5: 6ca365e80c676f297d09eba456c5d868)

For more information, see FileWave is no more running natively on the Windows Server platform. Windows Server End of Life KB.

Linux Downloads

Linux Installers (md5: f8042f3b262ed7f02f66ceed746cfc47)

Linux Server (md5: 67454d663a0c6b544085b5b51ffb8577)

Linux Booster (md5: 9d2912d78f3e629bb0b235a6d5e194dc)

To install or upgrade the FileWave Server, use the following :

yum install -y --nogpgcheck

To install or upgrade the FileWave Booster, use the following :

yum install -y --nogpgcheck

Note: Use the following command to download offline installers:


iOS Downloads

This is a native app version of the traditional Web Clip kiosk/app portal that is sent to devices ; it provides for a better end user experience and is required for location information.

iOS 9+ : [FileWave Enterprise.ipa]( Portal 14.7.0.ipa) (md5: b4bb21d5ffcc68ec13f6fc5c2d50b2e4)
Static CDN URL :

       Portal 14.7.0.ipa


The FileWave Inventory extension for Chromebook has to be installed via the Google Admin Console for your domain. Please see Quickstart Guide for Chromebooks for detailed instructions

Skeleton for Chromebook white-boxing (md5: 716075ea91cdd3cc794f04fdb31f5d20)

Virtual Appliance Downloads

VMware and VirtualBox (OVA) Server Appliance (md5: 507632bb4c42e7ad0f5f4bf205f5115c)
VMware and VirtualBox (OVA) Booster Appliance (md5: fceb755a86a5a154067b6180179ced20)

For more information about importing the appliances please see: Importing FileWave Appliances

Hyper-V Appliance Downloads

Hyper-V (VHD) Server Appliance (md5: d568294d09a2295a7503627dd63594b8)

Hyper-V (VHD) Booster Appliance (md5: a9ad13e3df17755f7b68e93e532f8c35)

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