Kiosk 1.0 for macOS/Windows - EOL


As the new desktop Kiosk 2.0 for macOS and Windows released with FileWave 15.3.0. In 15.3.x and 15.4.x the old Kiosk 1.0 is also included in the client. Noteworthy also is this new Kiosk is 64bit only. 


Some functions are still performed by Kiosk 1.0, and it is kept in place in case there is a need to revert to it. 


We will be ultimately removing Kiosk 1.0 from the macOS/Windows client, so it is important not to depend on it being in place. Please contact support if there is a reason you are loading the old one so it can be known to development.

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Created 6 June 2024 14:08:13 by Josh Levitsky
Updated 6 June 2024 14:13:05 by Josh Levitsky