Apple Manual Enrollment

Not able to use DEP?

Apple's Device Enrollment Program is great but you may find that all or some of your devices aren't showing in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager. Devices are usually excluded because they were not purchased directly from Apple or an Authorized Reseller. iOS device capable of running iOS 11+ can be manually added to your ASM/ABM account but unfortunately this not yet an option for macOS. This section covers several manual enrollment methods and why you might need to leverage them.

Add iOS devices to ASM/ABM using Apple Configurator 2

If you have an iOS 11+ or tvOS 11+ device that was not originally purchased from Apple or an Apple Authorized Reseller, you can manually add the device to ASM/ABM using Apple Configurator 2. Please first review Apple's documentation here followed by FileWave Knowledge Base article here for more FileWave-specific processes. Once the device has been added to ASM/ABM you can take advantage of DEP for any future enrollments of this device.

MDM enroll iOS or macOS using URL Enrollment

If you are unable to enroll devices using DEP, you can still MDM enroll an iOS or macOS device using FileWave's URL Enrollment method. This method is commonly used to allow an end-user to MDM enroll a previously configured device without the need for a Factory Reset. The one downside to this enrollment method is that the end-user will have the ability to remove the MDM Profile and unenroll their device from the FileWave MDM. This process also requires the macOS users to have Administrator privileges in order to install the MDM Profile.

If getting authentication required during enrollment, please review this section to learn how to disable URL enrollment authentication. 

macOS URL Enrollment