Location Tracking

Dude, where's my device?

Ever needed to locate a device but don't even know where to start? Well that will not be a concern with anymore since FileWave offers Location Tracking for every supported platform. This section will outline the requirements and process of getting Location information from the various devices. FileWave will leverage the device's built-in Location Services to determine the most accurate Location information. This data may be based on the wireless access point, cellular, or GPS radios.

Enable Location Tracking within the FileWave Admin

  1. Open FileWave Admin and navigate to "Clients".
  2. Select one or multiple devices, right-click, and go to "Client State".
  3. Change the "Client State" to "Tracked".
  4. "Update Model" to save the changes.
  5. If Location Services are enabled at the OS level and enabled at the FileWave Client level, you should see a "Position Map" tab for each Client.

As of FileWave 15.0 you can also go to Settings in FileWave Central and set the default tracking state to Tracked if you would like that to be the default state.