Add Profile


Profiles allow you to control settings, features, and capabilities for Apple devices; iOS, macOS, iPadOS, TvOS


Devices may need profiles for initial configuration (like to allow them to join a network), in reaction to a request (like please disable the camera on the devices), or to configure settings at anytime.


Selecting the plus () in the top right will open a the profile editor for a new profile.

Basic Profile Properties

Every configuration profile has a few required properties, regardless of the profile type. Every time we create a profile we must specify these basic properties before we can save the profile.  At minimum, we must set a profile name and add at least one payload (configuration) to the profile.


The three most common elements to set (or change from the default value) are highlighted below:

In order, those elements are:

The highlighted warning above is reminding us that we have to add at least one payload to the profile before we can save it.

Navigating an Apple Profile

Configuration profiles aren't hard.  In fact they are quite simple generally.  Finding the right setting can be bothersome though, so FileWave provides some user interface options to make this easier. We'll use filtering and search options in the profile editor to help us narrow down our search for payload items. 


Let's assume that we want to set the wallpaper for an iOS device.  We can narrow down the options first by specifying the platform for our setting in the upper left (iOS in this case):