Apple General Settings (APN)


At the very top of the Sources View for Apple services, you will find some overall settings related to Apple in general.


We will need to specify these settings when our FileWave server is first setup, and will need to revisit this section at least annually to renew our APN (Apple Push Notification) certificate.


We'll discuss APN renewal in a moment, but let's talk about the other two preferences first:

APNS renewal (the first item in the above) must be done at least annually.  The APN cert is the certificate that allows your MDM server to talk to Apple, which in turn then talks to devices on our behalf.  If the certificate expires, then all communication to devices is cut off from the FileWave server.  So yes, a relatively important certificate!

The only piece of the renewal that is done in the WebAdmin is the upload of the new certificate, but you'll want to reference the below documentation on APN renewal for all of the detailed steps for creating that certificate (dependent on platform of your admin workstation).

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