Column Searching Criteria


Whenever we are in a particular table view, the data may be quite extensive and perhaps hard to find.  The search tool allows us to temporarily enter search criteria for any table view to quickly find content.


Assume for a moment that we got a call from the field from a customer having an issue with their laptop.  We ask for, and they give us, the asset tag number from the sticker on the physical device.  Quickly finding this device in the Devices view is critical for us in this case, and as long as we have the Asset Tag field in the view then we can quickly search for it using the data filter.


Below you'll see an example of filtering within the Licenses view.  In this example, there are only a few dozen licenses, but in a production environment there are quite likely thousands so the filter becomes quite important.  You'll also note in the below that the filters for any view are "sticky" and will remain as a filter in that view until you either change or remove the criteria.

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