Create Deployment


The creation of a new deployment connects one or more payloads with one or more devices/groups. You can also use deployments to create exclusions on devices or groups.


Deployments may be quite straightforward.  It may be as simple as "I need to deploy Adobe Photoshop to each device which owns a license".  But, it may be more complex, such as "I need to deploy Adobe Photoshop to all devices in our Production group, but not to any manager's device."  In the first instance, our deployment will probably pick a manual group or individual machines as the endpoints.  In the second instance, we might target a group for "Production", but add an exclusion for and devices in the Managers smart group.  Deployments can even target LDAP OUs as well.


To create a new deployment, select the plus ( ) in the top right.

Then give the deployment a name in the top left.  it is important to name the deployments appropriately so that you can filter for them later.

We'll discuss each of the tabs in this view in the below linked articles.

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