DEP Profile Workflows


Having DEP Profiles defined is one thing, but having them assigned to devices is another...and critical.  DEP Profile workflows allow us to automatically assign DEP profiles based on programmatic criteria.


As much as possible we always want to use automatic profile assigning rules.  Automatic assignment saves us time from having to manually assign profiles, and ensures that even brand new devices that are still in shrink wrap will have a DEP profile assigned correctly.

Reminder: DEP profile assignment, or changes in assignment impact nothing on the device's current state.  Those changes are only pertinent the NEXT time the device goes through the setup assistant.

You might find you only need one workflow, or you may find you need tends to be driven by the number of DEP profiles you have.  In general, fewer DEP profiles is better (to reduce complexity).


Creating a new profile workflow is very similar to creating a smart group or a report.  However, you'll notice in the below that we use the Operating System field from the DEP Devices table to assign our AppleTV profile to all AppleTV devices.  We explicitly use that field because it comes directly from the DEP sync with Apple, and will always be populated, where FileWave normal inventory fields will only be populated AFTER enrollment.

Watch below as we assign all AppleTVs to the AppleTV profile we created earlier:

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