Deployment Targets


The Targets of a deployment are the endpoints that we'll define for deploying to.  Targets allows us to choose individual devices, groups, smart groups and LDAP sources for our deployment.  Targets also allows us to avoid deploying to certain devices or groups as well.


We'll want to define here the targets and exclusions:

Targets - What you want to receive 

Groups - Static, Smart Groups, and LDAP OUs to include  

Devices - Specific devices to include

Exclusions - What you don't want to receive

Groups - Static, Smart Groups and LDAP OUs to exclude

Devices - Specific devices to exclude

If left blank, the deployment can be saved, but without targets it won't send payloads anywhere.  This may be nice for archival purposes.


  1. From the Targets tab.
  2. Select devices you want to get a payload(s). Either groups or individual devices
  3. (optional) Select exceptions, groups or devices you do not want to receive any payload(s)
  4. Save your work to finish later or next to finish creating your deployment

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