Device Actions Overview


Device Actions are all of the "actions" or "commands" that you can execute against an endpoint from the FileWave WebAdmin.  Actions are taken from the (...) button in the Devices view, or from the detail view of any particular device.


Having inventory devices is never quite enough. We will frequently want to do something to the devices in the field immediately, and the Actions list is a way to do that.  Note that all actions have some degree of pre-requisite...i.e the device might need to be supervised, or a certain command can't work if the device is BYOD user enrolled for instance.  Some pre-requisites are accounted for in the UI and those commands won't show if not applicable.  For instance, Wipe Device won't show if the device happens to be user enrolled.


As mentioned above, actions are taken from the (...) menu in the Devices view, or in the Device Detail view:

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