Fields in Reports (Preview)


When we are building smart groups and reports, it is very helpful to have a live representation of what our query is returning.  This data preview (the bottom half of the smart group/report definition window) gives us this data live as we edit the query.  Frequently though, we want different fields in this preview than what are given to us by default.


Let's assume for a moment that we want a smart group or report that contains information on FileWave clients that have not been upgraded to version 14.  Now, we can edit our conditions to say "FileWave Client Version" ≠ 14.0, and we can just trust that this works and we have the proper results.  Yeah, we wouldn't trust that either!  Much better to actually put the FileWave Client Version field into our preview so that we can "eyeball" the data to make sure it is right.


Watch below as we remove some of the default provided fields and add FileWave Client Version:

Note that in Version 14, smart groups do not have preview fields, but this will be added shortly.

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Created 10 July 2023 19:56:07 by Josh Levitsky
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