FileWave Anywhere Payload Script Editor


The WebAdmin script editor allows you to interactively edit script content in any payload that allows scripts.


We'll use this feature any time we want to make a quick edit to a script within a payload.  If we need to make extensive changes, it is probably still better to work in an outside code editor because changes to published scripts will automatically be sent to all affected devices on next model update.  So, be very careful with this tool, and as always, test before you deploy.


To enter the script editor, you simply go to the Scripts tab within any supporting FileWave payload/fileset. Click the edit button to edit the script.  You can also drag and drop scripts between types and remove them from the payload as well in this view.  Example script shown below:

Note that today you can only copy and paste a script to import it into your payload.  In future, we will add the ability to drag and drop scripts here as well.

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Created 10 July 2023 22:45:58 by Josh Levitsky
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