Group Navigation (Devices View)


Primary navigation within the devices view is done using the Groups pane in the left portion of the devices view.


We will use this navigation pane extensively to set our location and just generally to browse the device tree.


How your devices are organized into groups and smart groups will largely influence the navigation, but the levels of the tree are always organized alphabetically, the same as the native FileWave admin.  You can expand and collapse groups to navigate quickly.  And notice below that when you select a group at left (selected groups show highlighted with blue text), only devices that are in that group will show at right:

When using either search or OS based filters in the devices view, the choices are additive.  So if we are filtering for macOS, and then highlight a specific group, then we are ONLY  going to see macOS devices that are in that specific group.  (Filters themselves have no impact on the display of groups in the left-hand pane, which always show)

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