Individual Device View


The individual device view is a detailed level view of all pertinent details about any individual device.  The URL for this view is always going to be in the form of https://my.server.address/devices/<fw_device_id>/info.  This deep url allows you to easily share a link to this specific device with any other administrator.


We'll use this view extensively for general data browsing purposes, but especially when we are looking to troubleshoot the behavior of any particular device.


The Device Detail view is accessed primarily by clicking on the name of any device showing in the Devices View:

Once you are in the detail view, you'll see tabs that break out all of the data.  We'll cover each of the tabs in the articles linked to below

You can send pertinent action commands to a device in the device details view from the vertical ellipsis (top-right):


The Applications tab in the Device Detail view gives you a list of applications installed on the particular endpoint.  The details provided differ by platform and type of enrollment.  The view is directly linkable via https://my.server.address/devices/<fw_device_id>/apps

This view will gives us details on installed applications, which allows us to quickly look and see information such as what version of a particular application is installed.  Note that the data that shows on this tab is only as accurate up until the last time the device reported inventory.  Assume that you have a device that has been offline for 3 months in a desk drawer while you are rolling out a new version of Chrome.  This view for that device is going to show an old version, as we would expect.


We access the Applications tab just by clicking on the tab at the top of the view.  This view can be controlled by sorting and pinning columns.  The filtering option for this table makes it really easy to isolate records.

Certain enrollment types (like iOS BYOD enrollment) prevent the inventory of applications beyond the applications that are "managed".  That is, with those devices, you can only see what has been installed by FileWave.

Command History

The Command History tab is only shown for devices that are Apple MDM enrolled.  This tab shows the recent history of MDM commands that have been sent to this device.  Command History is reached at https://my.server.address/devices/<fw_device_id>/commands

This view is used very heavily whenever troubleshooting anything related to an Apple MDM device.  For instance, if a device seems to not be getting a profile installed correctly, one might go to the Command History view to see the status of the latest Install Profile command.


Simply click on the Command History tab to see the latest info:

Note that the default view is ordered showing most recent commands at the top.  We hope to see "Acknowledged" as the state for any good command, but sometimes you might see errors as well, and this view gives good detail on what the issue may be as you can see below: