The "Rename" command as the name implies is a command for renaming a device.  The behavior of this command varies widely based on the OS of the device and other factors.


In its simplest form, this command (<iOS 12 with no naming restrictions or iOS 13+ with or without restrictions) will send an MDM command to rename the device itself, and rename the record for the device within FileWave.  If a computer client, or an iOS device with renaming restrictions, is the recipient of the command then the device itself will NOT be renamed, but the record within FileWave will have the name updated to reflect the chosen name.  (This isn't highly recommended though as it can become confusing to support)

Renaming devices in FileWave can be complex and have unintended consequences.  Before any mass-updating of device names, we suggest you check your plan with our Service Desk folks to ensure the plan is solid.


To send the Rename command, choose "Rename" from the Device Action menu (...):

Note that there is a followup prompt to choose the device name you would like:

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