Restart (Windows)


Starting from FileWave version 14.7+ we added support for remotely rebooting a Windows system from both the Web and Native administrators.


As an IT administrator, a remote reboot is sometimes required to address a problem or complete an installation.  


This new action can be performed from both the Web and Native admin interfaces.

There is no "confirm" dialog when issuing the restart command.  Choosing the command directly executes the restart action.

FileWave Central

In the Native admin there is a Restart Windows Devices command that can be seen when right-clicking one or multiple devices as shown here:

FileWave Anywhere

In the Web Admin there is a Device Action seen when viewing the details of a device:

And, from the devices view, you can also select multiple devices as shown and then Restart several at once:

After issuing the reboot command a dialog will be seen by any logged-in user that will look similar to the first dialog below. Note that the below images are from Windows 11, and this will look slightly different on Windows 10.


3 minutes after the first dialog appears another dialog will display similar to the below dialog. After this second warning has shown indicating that a device reboot is 2 minutes away the Windows system will reboot 2 minutes later.