Software Updates: Deploying to Groups


With Version 14.5+ of the FileWave WebAdmin, you can now deploy Software Updates to groups of devices.


This feature is very helpful for us when it comes to deploying patches to groups of devices.  Typical uses would be for assigning patches to Patch Testing groups. or department-based devices.


To utilize group deployments, go to Software Updates→ Any individual update and you'll notice the Groups on the bottom left:


Groups are only used once you add them (future iterations will most likely include the ability to set favorite groups).  But, to add any pre-existing manual or smart groups, just click the Add Group Button and select group(s):


Once your group(s) are added, you can select the group, and then click the Deploy to Selected Group option to deploy to that specific group of devices:


You can also deploy to specific devices within a group by manually selecting them and choosing the same deploy option.

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Created 24 July 2023 14:04:46 by Josh Levitsky
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