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In many ways, Smart Groups and Reports are the same thing.  In both cases the concept is to programmatically identify devices.  The difference between the two objects has to do with intent...Smart Groups are created so that you can DO something to the devices in questions, whereas Reports are used to simply "report" on things, such as software rollout progression.


We are going to use a reports to help us identify problem areas (proactive management), and to track progress of ongoing projects.  The contents of reports can additionally be used to feed the FileWave customizable dashboard for aggregate reporting.


We'll go into depth on creating reports in the below links, but here is a quick preview of creating a report to look at Firefox across the environment.

Note that reports have several available actions:

You can Open the Report (view the contents of the report), Edit the Report (see and then change the conditions of the report), Remove a Report (delete it), or Move to Group (move the report to a group for organizational purposes).

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