Automated Client Conflict Resolution


There is a capability allowing FileWave itself to resolve conflicting new clients on your behalf.


Client enrollment conflicts are a natural occurrence in any production environment.  Devices are re-imaged and client certificates might not match, or devices may simply have been renamed and a conflict is created.  The conflicts themselves are not an issue, but they must be resolved so that the system knows how to behave with the "new" devices coming in.  Particularly in larger environments, or during periods of intense device imaging, management of the conflicts can be overwhelming.  To account for this, there is auto-conflict resolution.

Automatic conflict resolution is a time-saver to be sure, but it also circumvents the security elements of client-based certificates, so appropriate caution should be considered before enabling this feature.  For the most secure environment, it may be more appropriate to use the mass-resolution tool instead.


To enable this feature, go to the New Clients/Desktop Clients dialog.  (You will notice the auto-conflict resolution option is ONLY available if auto-enrollment is enabled).  To enable auto-resolution, just check the checkbox for "Automatically resolve conflicts":

New Client from Server.png

And, then choose the type of resolution you prefer: