Embracing the Dark Side: Dark Mode for FileWave Central (15.3+)


Once upon a time, in a brightly lit world of screens, a shadowy figure emerged, promising salvation to our eyes: Dark Mode. As legends of its comfort and sleekness spread across the realms of software applications, we at FileWave decided it was time to embrace the dark side. Here's the tale of how Dark Mode came to FileWave Central, turning night into a friendlier place for all administrators.

Dark Mode, the knight in shining armor (or should we say, 'shimmering darkness'?), transforms the blinding lights of your screen into a soothing, shadowy oasis. It’s not just a fashion statement; it’s a guardian of your eyesight, a curator of concentration, and a promoter of power saving. By inverting the bright white backgrounds into deep, dark hues, Dark Mode makes nighttime work less of a nightmare.


As the clock struck midnight on yet another session of late-night device management, it dawned on us: our users deserved the option to go dark. Following a cascade of requests and after noticing the shift towards dark themes across the tech landscape, we knew the time was right. Our decision was fueled by the desire to not only keep up with modern UI trends but to also offer our hardworking administrators a visually comfortable and customizable working environment, proving our commitment to not just meeting but exceeding user expectations.


To embrace the dark side or bask in the light, journey to **Preferences -> General** in FileWave Central. There, under the Theme setting, select your allegiance: Automatic, Light Mode, or Dark Mode. Choose wisely, for each setting casts FileWave Central in a different aura, from the bright, welcoming light of day to the mysterious, serene shadows of night.


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Created 4 March 2024 21:31:43 by Josh Levitsky
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