Managing FileWave Administrators

FileWave supports tiered administration so you can create additional administrators in order to spread the workload, you are not limited to the amount of admins you can have in FileWave.

How to log into FileWave Admin

When you log into the FileWave Admin to access the FileWave Server you will be asked for the server address, and user credentials which can be a local account or an LDAP account.

FileWave supports multiple admin connections from the same or separate admin accounts. If you try to log in with the same account that is already connected somewhere else you will get prompted to either end that first connection, start a second connection, or cancel. 

If you are currently using a self-signed certificate then you may also get a prompt that the Admin cannot verify the identity of the FileWave server. The recommend way to fix this is to, hit connect and then switch to a root trusted certificate. Please visit the KB linked here for instructions on how to do this.

You will also be able to see two active connections if you look in the Administrators Online... window located under the Assistants menu 

The bolded entry is your current connection

FileWave Administrators and Inventory

In the FileWave Admin console you have the ability to set read/write/delete permissions to specific objects which include devices, filesets, and groups. These permissions will follow the user all the way into inventory so that only what the current administrator has access too can be seen in the inventory results.