FileWave Server Repair Permissions


When migrating a server or simply moving files around or trying to restore from a backup  you can inadvertently set the ownership or permissions incorrectly on the FileWave Server. This can lead to services not starting or the database being inaccessible until it is corrected.


You would use the included script when doing any migration or restore process or any time you think you may have changed the permissions. 


For the moment there are 2 versions of this script that are current. Over time we will be updating this script and will ideally have a single script to make things more simple. 

You can copy the link to the file from below and do "wget" for instance for the Debian script and then just unzip it.  "unzip ./283" to unzip the script. Planned for a release in 2024 there will be a simple management command included with FileWave Server that has this a built in function. 

Fix Permissions FileWave 15+ (Debian)  |  Fix Permissions FileWave 14+ (macOS/CentOS) 

If you are on an older version of FileWave use of these instead:
Fix Permissions v13.1.5+  |  Fix Permissions v13.1.4 or older

You can use wget to download the correct script and then rename it to if it didn't get a .zip name and unzip it. You will need to give the script 755 permissions to run it. You will run the command to the path to the script. For the example it is in the current folder we are in so we use ./ before the name.

sudo chmod 755 ./

Then you will need to run the script. 

sudo ./

After it fixes permissions you will want to restart your FileWave Server.

fwcontrol server restart

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