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Integrating EasyLAPS with FileWave


This article focuses on EasyLAPS, a tool developed to routinely rotate the local administrator account password of a Mac and store it in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, including FileWave. EasyLAPS main function is to maintain unique passwords across a Mac fleet, centralized in the MDM console.


EasyLAPS is beneficial when the need arises to manage and rotate local administrator passwords across a number of Mac devices, ensuring unique passwords are utilized and safely stored within the MDM. This tool is particularly useful for enhancing the security of your network by preventing unauthorized access and reducing the risk of password-related security breaches.


EasyLAPS operates in two different functioning logics, both supported by FileWave:

Logic #1: In this mode, the password is stored in encrypted form both in the MDM and in the EasyLAPS Keychain. EasyLAPS manages the password rotation using the locally stored password, with the new generated password then stored in the MDM. The public key used for encryption is part of the EasyLAPS configuration file, while the private key is not present on the device and must be kept securely. This mode is most suitable when a large number of technicians have access to the MDM console, and only those possessing a copy of the EasyLAPS-Toolkit with the private key can access the rotated password.

Logic #2: Here, the password is stored in clear text in the MDM and not stored locally unless a password reversion fails. EasyLAPS uses the MDM-stored password to manage the rotation to the new generated one, which is then stored in the MDM. This logic is best when a limited number of technicians have access to the MDM console and can access a rotated password.

After the first successful rotation, the new password is visible in the device inventory record.

EasyLAPS operates a true rotation of the local administrator password, so the account keeps its cryptographic status. That means that once the password is changed, the account is still a Crypto user and Volume owner, able to unlock the device, install macOS updates, make changes to the startup security policy, initiate an Erase All Content and Settings, and more. 

Complete documentation on how to use EasyLAPS with FileWave is provided upon purchase, offering detailed instructions and support. Please note that EasyLAPS supports a variety of MDM solutions with FileWave included. 


Integrating MacOnboardingMate (MOM) with FileWave


This article is about MacOnboardingMate (MOM), a tool that streamlines the onboarding and migration of Mac devices across different Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, including FileWave.


MOM is utilized when a Mac needs to be onboarded to an MDM solution or migrated from one MDM to another. This is relevant when a new device is added to your network, a device is being transferred to a different MDM platform, or when you are initiating an MDM switch project. MOM retains the Automated Device Enrollment configuration during migration, a key feature for most organizations.


MOM operates in two different execution modes: Launcher and AutoLauncher.

Launcher is used when MOM is manually run outside of an MDM, while AutoLauncher is used when MOM is operated from within an MDM, either automatically or manually through a Self Service.

MOM will facilitate the onboarding or migration process, managing both the unenrollment from the previous MDM and the enrollment into FileWave. For onboarding, MOM is run from within the FileWave MDM and started during the Setup Assistant. For migration to FileWave, MOM is executed from the MDM that the device leaves.

MOM's latest version includes a new user interface based on swiftDialog. The previous interface, based on DEPNotify, is still available to ensure a smooth transition for existing users. MOM White glove provisioning combined with macOS Automated Device Enrollment offers a similar experience as Windows Autopilot for pre-provisioned deployment.

The tool supports multiple languages, currently available in English and French, and can be localized to other languages as required. An important advantage of using MOM is its "turnkey" nature, requiring no scripting knowledge for implementation or upgrade. If necessary, it can be augmented with scripts at key steps of the workflows, offering flexibility and customizability.

Complete documentation on how to use MOM with FileWave is provided upon purchase, offering detailed instructions and support.  Please note that MOM supports a variety of MDM solutions with FileWave included.