iOS BYOD User Enrollment

iOS BYOD and VPP License Assignment Change


For a few years, device license assignment has been the preferred method for assigning licenses for managed iOS devices.  But, with BYOD enrolled devices, licenses can't be assigned to the device...  So FileWave have made some changes to how we handle this which make managing BYOD enrolled devices (and as a happy accident supervised devices) easier.


Historically, when you created an association for a VPP app, you had a choice to assign the license to the Device, or to the User.  And, in Preferences, there was an option to set your preference (which you most likely have set to Device).  There is now a new option called "Automatic", which you will see below:

And, then on each Association that default can be overridden:

"Automatic" in this instance, basically means "Try to do a device license, but if you can't, then do a user based assignment"

Now, how does this make your life easier if you aren't going to manage BYOD devices?  That is a great question!  If you set your default setting in preferences to "Automatic", that means that all of your apps will assign to the device if they can, but if you have something that maybe you don't do an app that can't do device based licensing, or an iTunes book for instance, then that association will still work even though you didn't manually change it over to "User".


We showed you above changing the preferences so that all new associations will be "Automatic" (which we think will work for almost all instances).  But, what happens if you enroll a new BYOD device and put it in a group that has a "Device" based association?  In short, nothing...the app will be associated, but can never install because device based license assignment can not be used.  So, for best results, you may want to consider updating older associations to "Automatic" as well.

The above may mean you have hundreds of associations to change...if that is the case, remember that you can mass-edit associations in the Associations view.

iOS BYOD User Enrollment Overview


With Version 14(+) of FileWave, you can now BYOD (bring-your-own-device) enroll a device without giving total management of the device to the system admin. 


Typically, this option works best if the device to be supported is not company owned.  For instance, an employee with their own iPhone may want to BYOD enroll a device to allow distribution of company-owned app licenses, but without giving their company the ability to manage their phone in other ways.


BYOD enrollment is off by default in FileWave, and must be enabled on the Mobile tab in preferences as shown below:

Once enabled, a new tab will be added to the "Enroll iOS Device..." Assistant:

And, once user enrollment is enabled, you can go to https://my.server.address:20443/ios/byod to see the user enrollment page:

Note that by BYOD's very nature the only way you will enroll BYOD devices is through this page. (i.e. it won't be through DEP).  BYOD enrollment does require the use of managed apple ids from either Apple School, or Apple Business, Manager.

See below video of a BYOD device enrollment:

Unlike a DEP enrollment, you don't have to wipe the device first to BYOD enroll it.  However, trying to enroll a device with a managed Apple ID that is already logged into iCloud on the device will result in an error.

Managing BYOD User Enrollment


You have no doubt gotten used to managing supervised iOS devices, where you have the ability to manage most elements of the device.  If you have previously had folks do a manual OTA enrollment, then you know you have less management of those devices than those that are supervised.  BYOD user enrolled devices take that a step further, and even fewer capabilities exist (but for good reason).


If you are going to utilize BYOD enrollment, it is because the devices to be enrolled actually shouldn't be managed by you, but they should have the ability to leverage the organization's resources.  So, with BYOD enrollment, you can distribute VPP apps and licenses:

But there are also restrictions to management:


Once the devices are enrolled, associations for content are managed like you are used to, but there is one important (and helpful) change to the way FileWave is managing VPP license assignation.  So please make sure and check out the article linked below on VPP License/Association Changes

You may be saying to yourself: "If I have to assign these licenses to the user, doesn't that mean I'll have to create VPP users in FileWave and invite them?"  And the answer to that is thankfully, no.  For User Enrollment, FileWave will automatically register and associate VPP users for each associated VPP asset on demand.

New Inventory Item -- Enrollment Type


There are now several methods of enrolling devices into FileWave and a new inventory field has been created to record the enrollment method.


This field can be helpful when assigning content to devices.  The field in question is called Enrollment Type as you'll see below: