iOS / iPadOS

iOS and iPadOS are the operating systems developed by Apple for their mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads, respectively. Both operating systems share a similar foundation but have slight variations to cater to the specific form factors and functionalities of their respective devices. iOS and iPadOS provide users with a visually appealing and intuitive interface, seamless integration with Apple services, a vast selection of applications through the App Store, and advanced features like Face ID, Siri, and multitasking capabilities. They offer a secure and reliable platform for communication, productivity, entertainment, and more, empowering users to unleash the full potential of their Apple mobile devices.

Block iOS TV App (iOS 10.2+)

This article will show you how to block the TV app introduced with iOS 10.2 with your updated and supervised iOS devices. Your FileWave server will have to be version 11.2.2+.




Congratulations, you are now ready to send this profile out to a few of your supervised iOS 10.2+ test devices before mass deployment!

Does Inventory report data about iOS Applications?

Yes and No.

The Inventory tracks lots of the same information for all devices. Including what applications are installed where.

The exception with iOS devices is that we are unable to obtain application usage like:


This limitation is because there isn't an actual client running on the iOS device and Apple's MDM protocol does not currently contain information about Usage.

iOS 14 Compatible Devices (Query)


Details on identifying compatible devices for iOS 14 using the Command Line API to create a Query in FileWave Central and FileWave Anythere. 


Inventory Queries to list device compatibility

Example query view: