New Inventory Item -- Enrollment Type


There are now several methods of enrolling devices into FileWave and a new inventory field has been created to record the enrollment method.


This field can be helpful when assigning content to devices.  The field in question is called Enrollment Type as you'll see below:


There is nothing special about access the can do it in any query or smart group, but the following are the breakdown of the values for the field:

Displaying information


Enrollment via APK

Device was manually enrolled via installation of FileWave application

Enrollment via EMM_API

Device was enrolled via the Android Management API (through NFC or a QRcode)

OTA Enrollment

Device was enrolled over-the-air

User Enrollment

Device was enrolled BYOD

DEP Enrollment

Device was enrolled via Apple DEP

Enrollment via fwcld

Device was enrolled via fwcld


Enrollment of Chromebook

User approved enrollment

Device was enrolled over-the-air and approved by user

Presumed DEP Enrollment

Device is supervised iOS client that was enrolled before v14.
"Presumed DEP" because there is no absolute concrete criteria to determine if it is DEP or Apple Configurator.

Not available

Enrollment type is not determined

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