Kiosk Name and Icon Change (iOS Web Clip)


Customizing the iOS app portal that is automatically placed on devices after enrollment.
This must be done before a device is enrolled, and changing it will not update currently enrolled devices text or icon.



  1. Locate the template file that is currently being used:
  2. From the server navigate to:
    OS X and Linux: /usr/local/filewave/django/ios/ios_profile_templates/portal_template.mobileconfig

  3. Copy the portal_template.mobileconfig to your desktop. Do not move it.
  4. Open the portal_template.mobileconfig that was copied to the desktop with an application able to modify .mobileconfig files.
  5. On OS X you can use Apple Configurator (AC) or Apple iPhone Configuration Utility (iCU). On Windows the only option is Apple iPhone Configuration Utility. I prefer iCU over AC on either operating system for editing mobile config files.

    The editor may ask you to add the file to the library, allow this.

  6. Scroll down the list of payloads to find the "Web Clips" and select it.
  7. In the Label section change the name from App Portal to your desired name, remembering that roughly 12 characters (depending on letter size) show on the screen before being cut off with an ellipsis.
  8. In the Icon section select 'Choose...' and browse to you png or jpg icon. Choosing a fairly square icon/logo looks best.

    Change nothing else! Modifying the URL or other checkboxes can break the template for iOS devices.

  9. Export the newly changed mobile config file to the desktop. Security should be set to "None" and the name should be exactly:


    (it is O.K to replace the original one on your desktop, as there should still be a copy in the ios_profile_templates folder.
  10. Stop your FileWave Apache services. From the command line.

    sudo /usr/local/filewave/apache/bin/apachectl stop

  11. Rename the original still sitting in the ios_profile_templates folder from portal_template.mobileconfig to portal_template.mobileconfig.original.
  12. Copy the portal_template.mobileconfig from your desktop into the ios_profile_templates folder. Making sure to match ownership and permissions of the portal_template.mobileconfig.original file.
  13. Start your FileWave server services. From the command line:

    sudo /usr/local/filewave/apache/bin/apachectl start

  14. Enroll a single iOS device to test that the portal downloads onto the device after enrollment. Verify that the portal launches and loads the kiosk.

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