Setting the Primary Color, Name and Logo in Kiosk/App Portal (15.3+)


This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to set a primary color, name and a logo for the App Portal / Kiosk on FileWave v15.3.0+.


The customization of the FileWave Kiosk interface, including its primary color and logo, allows organizations to maintain brand consistency across different platforms and devices. In order to make this change during the preview you will need direct access to your FileWave Server or have Technical Support make the edit for you. 


Customizing the iOS/iPadOS Kiosk for logo and color

Please note that you can not change the name yet on the mobile Kiosk. This can be done on the macOS/Windows Desktop Kiosk however as outlined in the section after this.

Logo Customization:

The supported formats of the logo are:

- Animated GIF
- WebP
- Animated WebP

In case the Logo isn’t preset by the user, or if it's preset but cannot be retrieved for some reason, the default logo that will be shown in the application is the FileWave logo.

To ensure optimal display quality and prevent upscaling issues, we recommend using either:

Primary Color Customization:

Please note that the primary color should be written in a hex format of 6 or 8 characters. For example:


In case the default color isn’t set, or if it's preset but in the wrong format, the color that will be shown in the application is the FileWave default color.

Customizing the macOS/Windows Desktop Kiosk for logo, name and color

To customize the logo, the primary color, and the name of the Kiosk app, you can deploy the following configuration file to your clients inside a Fileset:

   "logo_url": "",
   "primary_color": "#0465DA",
   "kiosk_app_name": "My Kiosk"

The location of the file on macOS: /usr/local/sbin/\

The location of the file on Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\FileWave\kiosk\custom\settings.json

Configurable parameters:

  1. logo_url: The URL of the logo image (Default: FileWave logo)

  2. primary_color: The primary color in #RRGGBB format (Default: #0465DA)

  3. kiosk_app_name: The displayed name of the Kiosk app (Default: FileWave Kiosk)


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