Part 1: Custom FileWave Client


Windows MDM with FileWave is implemented in a hybrid-mode.  That is, we can issue MDM commands (such as installing a policy), but also wish to leverage our native FileWave client capabilities.


Our first step in setting up the integration for Windows MDM is to create and publish a customized FileWave client so that our newly MDM enrolled devices will have a functioning FileWave client installed upon enrollment.


Before anything make sure that you have done following steps:

Your FileWave server is running healthy, and backups are being performed.
You have valid, trusted certificate installed on your FileWave server.
You have at least saved FileWave preferences once (open preferences in the native admin and save it.)
This will set important configurations on your FileWave server (shared keys, etc.)
You have at least updated model once
This will allow FileWave's internal URIs to be in place.

After you confirmed everything is ok, then you may upload the custom client MSI installer.

Upload fwcld msi package
  1. Open the native admin and open preferences.

  2. Go to the Mobile tab and look under the Windows sub-tab.

  3. Upload your custom client.msi package on that tab as shown below. Create this installer with the Customer Installer Builder.

Upload custom msi.png

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