Part 3: Setting up the Portal App


The configuration of your Windows MDM integration will all be driven by an application you yourself create in the Microsoft Entra Portal.


This application is the linch pin that ties your devices (in AutoPilot), through your user accounts (the group associated with the app), into redirection to your FileWave MDM server.  Detailed setup steps follow.


Add Microsoft Entra ID account in FileWave
  1. Open your FileWave AnyWhere (Web Admin) page and navigate to sources.

  2. Click the Microsoft tab.

  3. Click on New account and you should see the following form:

Add Azure Account.png

Keep this form open for completion in later steps.

Configuring Microsoft Entra ID

Creating MDM application

In order to enable MDM enrollment, first you need to configure your Microsoft Entra ID to recognizes your FileWave server as your MDM.

  1. Go to your Microsoft Entra ID portal:

  2. From dashboard navigate to Microsoft Entra Active Directory → Mobility (MDM and MAM)  and then click Add application.

  3. In new application form, select On-premises MDM application, give it a name and a log and click on add_._