Installing a package with WinGet


WinGet is a command line tool to manage applications on the Windows 10 and 11 platform.

Note that FileWave 15.4 or later is required.


We'll certainly want to use WinGet to push software to our devices, and we can do that rather nicely in a FileWave Fileset/Payload.

Similarly to other platforms where installs are coming directly from a CDN source, any software installed in this method will bypass FileWave Boosters since the content is coming straight from the internet.


In our previous article, we looked at how we can find and uniquely identify a specific package to install (here).  Once we have something that we want to deploy, it is rather simple to install an application, as you'll see.

You can now create an Association or Deployment to distribute it. That's all there is to it.

Note that some applications may have icons deployed and some may not deploy icons in all the same places like Start Menu, Desktop, etc. It's up to the application publisher to select these things. 

Consider reading Upgrading a package with WinGet and Uninstalling a package with WinGet as you step in to the full lifecycle of software installs. 

If you run into an error, there is information in Troubleshooting Errors with WinGet to help understand the error codes.

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