Microsoft WinGet Overview


Microsoft Windows Package Manager, known as WinGet, is a tool that simplifies discovering, installing, upgrading, and configuring software packages on Windows 10 and 11. It operates through a command-line interface, enabling efficient software management. Integrating WinGet with FileWave allows administrators to leverage WinGet's capabilities within the FileWave ecosystem, enhancing software deployment and management across Windows devices. This integration streamlines IT operations, reduces manual effort, and ensures consistent software configurations across all managed Windows devices.

Note that FileWave 15.4 or later is required.


Deploying applications available via Microsoft Winget was already possible using FileWave, but it originally required script manipulation and some steps to set up properly. FileWave 15.4 introduces a much simpler way to deploy applications to Windows devices.


Welcome to the new WinGet Fileset: A new search assistant allows you to create a WinGet Fileset by searching for the name of the application you want to deploy.

To get started just follow these steps:

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