Notify Users with a dialog (Windows)


The provided Fileset is an example of notifying users, in particular here, a message regarding Fileset status when downloading and installing new Filesets.

 The Fileset is designed to:

The service has been built to be actioned automatically by the user logging in.  Where Filesets are disassociated, each has a pre-uninstallation script to ensure the services should also be removed.


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For the example provided:

Fileset scripts may be modified for personal preference.  In each Fileset there is a script that is actioned by the local computer service.  The scripts are using a pattern match.  The pattern matching may be edited as required, removing or adding appropriately.


Locate the "BallonTipSwitchWatcher.ps1" file within the Fileset and choose to edit.  In the following code block snippet from this script, the switch statement is pattern matching text.  In the provided example the script is looking for lines that contain any one of the following:

Where found, the 'ShowBalloonTipInfo' function is being used to prompt the user:

$changeAction = Get-Content C:\ProgramData\FileWave\FWClient\fwcld.log -tail 1 -wait | ForEach-Object {
switch($_) {
{ $_ -match "Model version" -or $_ -match "Downloading Fileset" -or $_ -match "Done activating" -or $_ -match "Activate all" } { ShowBalloonTipInfo ("FileWave: ",$_.split("|")[4]) }

The second part of the switch statement is causing the script to exit.  The pattern match this time, is any line that contains:

{ $_ -match "Installation" } { break }


The above provides an example of notifying users, using a service.  However, with some adaptation messages could be sent in other ways at alternate times to users.

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