Storing the BitLocker volume keys using a Custom Field

Use a FileWave Custom Field to store the volume keys for your BitLocker volumes. This can be helpful if you don't have another way to escrow the volume keys. The Custom Field outlined in this article will get the volume key for every volume so if there is an encrypted C: and D: you would see both reported by this field. 

Adding the Custom Field

  1. Download the following Custom Field export: BitLocker Key Custom Field.customfields
  2. Import the downloaded file into "FileWave Admin>Assistants>Custom Fields>Edit Custom Fields>Import".
  3. Save changes within Custom Fields dialog.
  4. Associate Custom Field with desired Windows devices via "right-click>Edit Custom Field(s) Associations".
    1. A Windows-based Smart Group is very helpful to quickly associate Custom Field
    2. Smart Group criteria: "Client OS Platform [equals] Windows"