Upgrade Windows 10


Although Software Updates are available as standard catalogue, Feature Updates are not.  The following method may be used to update Windows devices using Feature Updates, e.g. 1909, 21H1.  Last tested upgrading 20H2 to 21H1


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Windows - Feature Upgrade.fileset.zip


Test manually launching the ISO on one or more typical example machines.  Not only will this provide an idea of how long the update may take, but the installer may highlight additional criteria required when pushing the Fileset.  Depending upon setup and desired options, differing arguments can be supplied to the Fileset to meet requirements.


Microsoft may change these options with differing versions.  For example, there is a new argument /EULA which has been introduced for Widows 11, whilst the /DynamicUpdate argument has additional options available since Windows 10, 2004.

Examples could include Dynamic Updates or Compatibilty (which have been included in the provided Fileset)

Dynamic Updates (DynamicUpdate):



Compatibility (Compat):



Defining Dynamic Updates is optional (Microsoft default values will be applied if not supplied), but where warnings are received, if Compatibility is not defined, the Fileset will fail to instal the update.

  1. Upload the provided Fileset using FileWave Admin
  2. Upload the downloaded ISO into the same folder as the Placeholder within the Fileset; approximately 5GB in size.  (The .placeholder_windows_iso file may be removed).  Ensure the ISO has the same name as the below screenshot: 'Windows_Upgrade.iso"