IVS Control Commands

These commands allow modification of the settings on the FileWave IVS (Imaging Virtual Server). These imaging-control commands require root authorization.

List of Imaging-Control commands

imaging-control networksetup static

imaging-control networksetup dhcp

imaging-control subnet add

imaging-control subnet remove

imaging-control increase harddrive

imaging-control list macimages

imaging-control list windowsimages

imaging-control disable macimaging

imaging-control disable windowsimaging

imaging-control enable macimaging

imaging-control enable windowsimaging

Configuring the IVS network interface

The FileWave IVS network is configured to use dhcp by default. This command has 2 options:

imaging-control networksetup static

This command will prompt for static ip information and configure the network interface to it


imaging-control networksetup dhcp

This command will switch the IVS networking interface back to dhcp


Configuring subnets on the IVS

The FileWave IVS will default to listening only on the subnet that it’s ip address is from.  This command can be used to add subnets for the IVS to listen to or remove subnets:

imaging-control subnet add

This command will prompt for a valid ip address from the subnet and the subnet mask


imaging-control subnet remove

This command will display the subnets that the IVS is currently listening to and allow removal


Increasing the IVS hard drive

imaging-control increase harddrive

This command will allow the virtual disk on the IVS to be increased.  The default size is 250gb.  This command will require that the IVS is first shutdown and the hard drive is expanded in the vm settings.