Back to School / Device Refresh Introduction


computers.jpgAs we head into the fall, many organizations find it's a prime time to refresh, replace, and (re)Enroll devices. Whether you're an academic institution preparing for a new school year or a business updating your technology for the next fiscal year, the task of managing, replacing, and (re)Enrolling devices is a significant one.

With FileWave, our comprehensive toolsets allow you to streamline these projects and ensure a smooth transition. Our system is designed to be efficient, effective, and user-friendly, regardless of your organization's industry. Here are some best practices we recommend for device (re)Enrollment/replacement that will help make your project a success:

Considering the above practices and how they can/should apply to your organization will ensure a smooth and efficient device refresh and (re)Enrollment process for your organization. And FileWave's features will help you here as well, but keep in don't have to go it alone!  Our Professional Services team has years and years of experience, and we'd be happy to help you with your project at quite reasonable rates.  You can reach our team at

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