Microsoft Specific Considerations

FileWave may love Apple, but we also love Microsoft Windows.  (In the same way that you don't have a favorite child)

Microsoft's Windows platform is widely used in various organizations due to its versatility and familiarity. For a successful device refresh or (re)Enrollment of Microsoft devices, these factors should be considered:

Windows Autopilot and MDM

Windows MDM ( Microsoft Windows MDM ) offers an advanced set of capabilities that allow IT teams to pre-configure Windows devices for immediate deployment. With FileWave and Autopilot working in unison, you can:

Imaging Systems when you can't get to MDM-only

Depending on your situation you may not be able to simply enroll devices in Windows MDM and let Filesets install and configure everything. If that's where you are at then take a look at:

Client Deployment

If dealing with enrollment of an existing fleet of devices, but one not yet under FileWave's care, remember that you can create a custom FileWave Client installer at  This client installer is a standard MSI installer and can be distributed manually, through a GPO, or even through a legacy management system.  It is very flexible, and when combined with the use of placeholders and custom fields, you can pre-assign all device content to deploy automatically on enrollment.

Active Directory Integration

It isn't isolated to only MSFT of course, but Active Directory (AD) or AzureAD are usually an integral part of user management in the Microsoft ecosystem. By integrating AD with FileWave, you can enhance user and device management, including:

Updates and Patch Management

Microsoft consistently releases updates for Windows OS and their suite of office applications. An effective patch management strategy is crucial to maintain security and productivity. FileWave can:

By considering these manufacturer-specific aspects and leveraging FileWave's integrations and capabilities, you can ensure a smooth and efficient device refresh or (re)Enrollment process.

Utilize solutions like Microsoft winget to patch 3rd party applications. 

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