Post (re)Enrollment

After the (re)enrollment process is complete, the work doesn't stop. The post (re)enrollment phase (also known as the day-to-day phase) is equally critical to ensure a smooth transition for end users and to maintain the security and performance of your organization's devices. Here's what this phase might look like with FileWave:

Ensure Software Updates

The first step after (re)Enrollment is ensuring that all devices are running the latest software versions and security patches. Regular updates are crucial for the performance and security of your devices, and can also introduce new features or improvements. FileWave's device management tools can schedule and automate these updates, ensuring all devices stay up-to-date without requiring individual attention.  Additionally, you can report on status as well to identify any outliers.

Proactive Maintenance

A good IT is an invisible IT, and there is no better way to be invisible than to predict and correct problems BEFORE they occur.  How is this possible?  Make sure everything is updated, as listed above, but also use FileWave's amazing inventory and custom fields to report on issues before the customer even notices.  You don't need to wait for Jen to call the support desk reporting that she can't install her needed application, when we were already aware that she was running dangerously low on free disk space.

Empower Your Customers

One of the things FileWave excels at is the ability to allow your customers to install content without being admins on their machines.  This means secure workstations and empowered customers.  Pavel doesn't need to call the service desk to install Photoshop if it is sitting in his Kiosk App just waiting for him to click "install".

Provide User Training

While FileWave helps streamline device management, the end users – your staff or students – also play a vital role in the effective use of their devices. Utilize FileWave's resources to conduct training sessions that cover important topics such as device usage, application features, security protocols, and best practices. Training can be tailored based on the user's role and the device they are using, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of their technology.

Set Up a Support System

Despite the best preparation and training, it's inevitable that users will encounter technical issues or have questions after the (re)enrollment process. To address these issues, implement a support system that utilizes FileWave's reporting, remote control and help desk features. This system can provide real-time device status reports, integrate with support ticket systems, and enable IT staff to quickly troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. It also provides users with an easy and efficient way to get help when they need it.

Feedback and Review

Finally, post (re)enrollment is a great time to gather feedback and review the process. Engage with your customers to learn about their experiences, and use FileWave's reporting capabilities to analyze device status, success rate, and common support issues. This information can be invaluable for refining your future device refresh and (re)enrollment strategies.

Remember, the goal of the post (re)Enrollment phase is not just to ensure everything is running smoothly, but to set the stage for continued success. By keeping software updated, providing comprehensive user training, setting up a robust support system, and learning from the process, you'll be well-positioned for future device management tasks.

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