Custom Behaviors (PSImage)

PSImage is not supported by FileWave Support so please do not submit tickets with them about it. The information provided here is for educational purposes only. If you would like to purchase professional services hours for consulting assistance setting up PSImage or customizing it please contact with your request. If you have existing unused professional services hours you may be able to use them for this purpose. Any feedback on PSImage can also be sent to the same email address. Any work on this would be done on Discord or in working with Professional Services. For the official Windows Imaging solution please see Network Imaging / IVS.

  1. To prevent client certificate issues when reimaging
    • Do not delete old device entries.
    • Enable "Automatically resolve conflicts - Replace old clients with new" in the New Client From Server window.
  2. If z:\scripts\debug.on exists then restore will drop to command prompt instead of rebooting for reviewing output and troubleshooting. This can be toggled via the the edit_config.ps1 script in the config folder.
  3. If z:\scripts\mode.reimage exists then move straight to imaging and skip PSImage main menu. This can be toggled via the the edit_config.ps1 script in the config folder.
  4. If z:\extra exists contents will be copied to w:\windows\temp\psimage (c:\windows\temp\psimage when new OS boots).
  5. If z:\scripts\to_do.bat exists it will be copied to w:\windows\temp\psimage (or c:\windows\temp\psimage when new OS boots). Will be run during the post-imaging process. A sample to_do.bat is already present by default.
  6. If x:\imaging\config.ini has server=prompt, user will be prompted for server address, rest of creds read from config.ini. For distributed environment where they want to image from local share instead of over WAN.
  7. Set mode=usb in config.ini on boot.wim for dual partition USB disk imaging.
  8. If z:\fwclient\custom exists contents will be copied to C:\Program Files (x86)\FileWave\custom to customize the client kiosk.
  9. Enter z to drop to commandline at
    • The main PSImage menu and
    • When asked to press Return to reboot after successful image capture.
  10. C:\Windows\Temp\restore.done created immediately before last reboot at end of post-imaging phase. Use this file in requirement scripts to postpone filesets until post-imaging is complete.

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